Palace Ceiling Models from Ancestors to the Present

Palace ceiling products are odorless and easy to apply. It is made of qualified Plastic material. Made of premium quality material. It is assembled in a short time without dust and damage. It can be easily disassembled and can be carried easily because it is made of light material.

Palace Ceiling Models

In palace ceiling products, we have Golden Rectangular Palace Ceiling, White Gold Palace Ceiling, Tumbled Palace Ceiling, Burgundy Gold Palace Ceiling, Patina Palace Ceiling and Silver Palace Ceiling. There are models of palace ceiling products in the form of square palace ceiling, oval palace ceiling, rectangular palace ceiling, star palace ceiling.

Palace Ceiling Usage Areas

You can liven up the mood of your home or office and add depth. You can create your own style with rich model options and provide a perfect combination. You can provide your palace ceilings with a decoration that reflects the magnificence of history by using papier-mâché, lath and motifs and different concepts. All Living Areas (Shopping Centers, Banks, Houses, Fair Stands, Beauty Centers, Hospital and Health Centers, Winter Gardens, Libraries, Offices, Schools, Hotels, Restaurants and Cafes, Exhibition Halls, Sports Halls, Holiday Villages, Boats and Yachts) , Theater and Concert Stages, Meeting Halls) for decoration purposes.

How is Palace Ceiling Mounted?

Saray ceiling products are sold ready for assembly. Does not require paint. The assembly of the palace ceiling cores is mounted on the wall with the help of dowels from the ready-made dowels on the edges. In addition, there is no sticking work, its application is clean. It can be easily disassembled and mounted elsewhere when desired.


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