Decorative Polyurethane Buttresses

Buttresses ; It is among the building materials that support it as a carrier in different areas such as balconies, terraces, gardens, walls and exteriors. The buttresses are produced from polyurethane materials.

Polyurethane Buttresses Features
It  adds value to the building it is applied to. They are both functional and decorative. They have a paintable surface.

It is light, does not impose an additional load on the applied area. It provides ease of application.

It saves time by its short application time. It does not create construction pollution. It is not affected by humidity. It does not harm nature.

By its hardened surfaces, it is resistant to harsh climatic conditions and impacts.

It can be washed and wiped, it does not require special care for its cleaning.

It looks more realistic thanks to its textured models. It does not freeze and crack in winter, soften and sag in summer.

You can create a stylish decoration on your exterior and interior by combining decorative facade cladding products such as sills, floor moldings, jambs and columns.

Raw Material: Polyurethane


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